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The Collapse of the Francis Scott Key Bridge in Baltimore

The collapse of the Francis Scott Key Bridge in Baltimore was caused by a collision with a cargo ship. The bridge collapsed like a "house of cards" after being struck by a container ship, resulting in the loss of six lives and the closure of one of the busiest ports in the country


Structural Factors Contributing to the Collapse

Several structural factors may have contributed to the collapse of the Francis Scott Key Bridge after being struck by the cargo ship. One factor is the absence of an obvious fender system or protective barriers to redirect or prevent a ship from crashing into the bridge piers. This lack of protective measures made the bridge more vulnerable to the impact of the ship


Additionally, the bridge's piers may not have been able to withstand the force of the collision. If a pier is taken out, there is nothing to compensate for the missing structural support, making the collapse of the bridge almost inevitable


It is important to note that the investigation into the collapse is ongoing, and further details about the specific structural factors contributing to the collapse may be revealed in the future


Overall, the collision between the cargo ship and the Francis Scott Key Bridge, combined with the absence of protective measures and potential weaknesses in the bridge's piers, led to the tragic collapse of the bridge in Baltimore.

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