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This is the Negative and Positive Impact of the Complete Internet, Read This Guys

Positive impact :
1. Internet as a medium of communication:
is the most widely used internet function where every internet user can communicate with other users from all over the world.
2. Data exchange media:
by using email, newsgroups, ftp and www (world wide web: a network of web sites) internet users around the world can exchange information quickly and cheaply.
3. Media to search for information or data:
The rapid development of the internet has made www as an important and accurate source of information.
4. Ease of obtaining information:
the ease of obtaining information on the internet helps humans a lot so that humans know what is happening. In addition, the internet can also be used as a field of information for the fields of education, culture, and others.
6. Ease of transacting and doing business in the trade sector:
With this convenience, we don't need to go to the place of supply/sale because it can be done via the internet.
Negative impact :
1. Pornography
The assumption that the internet is synonymous with pornography is not wrong. With the ability to convey information possessed by the internet, pornography is rampant. To anticipate this, browser manufacturers complement their programs with the ability to choose the type of home-page that can be accessed. for someone to commit a crime.
2. Violence and Gore
Cruelty and

sadism is also widely displayed. Because the business and content aspects of the internet world are not limited, site owners use all kinds of ways to sell their sites. One of them by displaying things that are taboo.
3. Fraud
It infectious all aspects. The internet was not spared from the attacks of fraudsters. It is best to ignore this or confirm the information you get with the information provider.
4. Carding
Due to its real time (direct) nature, shopping using a credit card is the most widely used method in the internet world. Internet criminals also commit the most crimes in this field. With an open nature, criminals are able to detect online transactions (using credit cards) and record the card code used. Henceforth they use the data they get for the benefit of their crimes.
5. Gambling
Another effect is the expansion of gambling. With the network available, gamblers do not need to go to a special place to fulfill their desires. You just need to avoid sites like this, because generally gambling sites are not aggressive and require a lot of approval from their visitors.
Broadly speaking, the negative impacts of the internet are:

Reducing the social nature of humans because they tend to prefer to connect via the internet rather than meet in person (face to face).
From the changing social nature, it can lead to changes in people's patterns of interacting.
Crimes such as cheating and stealing can be committed on the internet (crime is also growing).
Can make a person addicted, especially regarding pornography and can cost money just to serve the addiction.
Source: http://safitrinopela.blogspot.co.id/

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